How I shared the news


The plan was to have lunch with my BFF and her brother at one of our favorite new restaurants that opened in the neighborhood. I made her a card to tell her the news and planned on recording the reaction as I had done with a few other friends already. I was 12 weeks along, starting to show, and hoping she wouldn't notice that it looked like I may have had too many donuts. All was going great at our leisurely lunch - we chatted and caught up on everyone's lives and even enjoyed dessert - their Smores pot is delicious, by the way. So right before we got the bill, I finally pulled out the card, while hitting record on my iPhone. You'll see how that went down in the video montage below. It was awesome. Never have I seen Courtney cry like that, and of course it made me cry as well. And in a lovely turn of events I consider kismet, a blogger happened to be taking photographs at the restaurant. Though I follow Jessica Comingore through Google Reader, I had no idea it was her snapping photos. To my delight a week later, I saw this post of hers about Superba Snackbar and got so excited. After a couple emails back and forth I asked her if she had some outtakes from the day and she happily sent them my way. (Notice how my pants match the decor? Yeah, I promise I didn't plan that.)


Such a special moment captured so beautifully. I am ever so thankful. And this is great - it's right after Joey came over to watch the video that was just taken. Courtney and I cracked up and cried all over again.Thank you so much Jessica for these photos, the timing could not have been more perfect, even if it was planned. I seriously cannot help but smile when I look at all every single picture. And really, I can't help but smile and laugh even more when I watch this video. This baby is already so lucky to be so loved. Hope it puts a smile on your face too.