good things - weekend edition

fridaysaturday1So far our weekend has been great. All photos from my Instagram feed.

  • We're enjoying our books - he's reading Public Apologyand I'm reading Everything Is Perfect When You're a Liar. I am only on the 2nd chapter and have laughed several times out loud.
  • On Friday we had dinner with some great friends at Rustic Canyon. We had quite the assortment of food. Highlights included the Baked Parmesan Puff w/ mornay sauce, bacon & chive. Apparently they have an awesome burger too, but since I had Johnny Rockets for lunch with my mom, I opted out. The kale salad (finely chopped) and Brussels sprouts (perfectly crisp) were delicious as was the branzino.
  • I went a little overboard at Old Navy on the stripes and the tops in general. Much of it is on sale for $10 and I just could not resist. Now to work on spring cleaning my closet to make room for this new bunch. Our general rule is if 1 new piece comes in, 2 old pieces must go out.
  • JC got fantastic tickets to the Pirates/Dodgers game for us, his cousin Dave and Dave's girlfriend. This photo was taken after a couple of Dodgers Dogs (why are those hot dogs so darn good?!), which probably explains the big smiles. Jenna Ushkowitz from Glee sang the National Anthem and then ended up sitting next to us. She was there with a few friends and I decided against asking her for a photo. The Pirates (JC's from Pittsburgh) ended up losing 1-0.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend as well! Oh and I've got a fun big little announcement to share with you all tomorrow!!!