Aloha Cutie

Originally our trip to Hawaii was planned soon after we found out the news of the baby. Mommy got really excited and said we should all take a trip there to celebrate. Without any hesitation, Cindy, JC and I were totally on board for her awesome plan. We could only go for a weekend, but it's definitely better than nothing. Mommy had never been to Oahu before and Cindy had never been to Hawaii. Then after some chatter on Instagram and some emails exchanged, I was asked to teach a class at Ben Franklin. Since I don't mind mixing work with pleasure, the decision was simple. Plus Mommy and Cindy are fantastic helpers, so I knew it would be super fun all around. Feeling so lucky to have such an awesome job I love with amazing opportunities to meet such talented people. Everyone who attended the class seemed so happy - but really, how could you not be? The place is paradise.oahu_palmtrees DSC_1015DSC_1085DSC_1019 DSC_1020 DSC_10391DSC_1040 2 I am pointing to an awesome shirt made by Kym after she took my online class, The Good Life.DSC_1044 DSC_1045Had a blast and cannot wait until next time. Mahalo Ben Franklin and all who attended! Joscie and Van also did fun wrap up posts about the class.

Love blurring the lines between work and play. Especially if it means being in Hawaii.