PL Week 4 + calendar date stamp in action


For the most part, I am an optimistic person who looks on the bright side of life. Focusing on the positive and being grateful for all that I have (and all that I don't) is usually the way to go. Some days, however, things aren't that easy. Week 4 was one of those up and down weeks where I experienced some amazing highs (my dear friend spilled the beans that she got engaged!) and some interesting lows (a bit too personal to go into detail about here). Out of the 7 days, there really only were 4 that were rough. And when I look back on it, things weren't really even all that bad. It was a trying and difficult week 4 days. But we pulled through, and I am glad it got documented. It was really therapeutic to get it all done. And how funny is that girl flipping the bird on that postcard? Yup, that about sums up how I felt about the week. Becky's got a bunch of amazing (and happier) creative team layouts on the blog today. I used the Project Life Core Kit - Seafoam Edition and a mix of fun scrapbooking supplies. In case you missed it, I showed on Two Peas how to add embroidery to your PL pages in the newest Project Life video. Also, Jennifer McGuire has an awesome video using our Calendar date stamp - perfect for Project Life, scrapbook pages and cards too!