More Signature bag photos


Thank you so much for your kind words, orders and appreciation photos (here's one from Paige with her cute shoes) about the launch of our brand new bag. With any new product, I suppose there's a bit of a learning curve. For some reason it didn't cross my mind to have Dana shoot the inside of the bag initially. After so many of you requested photos of the inside, Ann-Marie was able to take some when she came in for work. The inside has a roomy zipper pocket as well as 3 slots for pens. On the front inside, there are 3 additional pockets and on the sides there are 2 mesh pockets.The front has a flap that is secured shut with a magnetic closure. It's a great safe spot for keys. I keep my phone on the left pocket for easy access.The back has a zipper pocket, where I put my passport when traveling abroad. Nice and safe and rests against my body when carrying it, decreasing the chances for it getting lifted. Hope that gives you a better idea of what it all looks like. We also snapped some photos so you can see the different ways it can be carried.Whether hooked on the elbow, in your hands or over the shoulder (which is the way I usually wear it), it's a great everyday bag. It's limited edition and once we sell out, it won't be made again. We've had an incredible response, and we still have about half left in the shop. And we shot a little video to show you what I carry in the bag. Enjoy!