little update

So yesterday when I realized I hadn't chosen a winner for the Give A Girl A... giveaway, I tried to get on my blog to update it. Well, I for some reason was locked out. I could not figure out why. In the midst of a sneezing fit (hello spring!), I got on the phone first with godaddy, then tried to find a phone number for wordpress, only to realize I needed to call bluehost. An hour (that I didn't have to spare) later, I spoke with someone at bluehost who basically told me this is happening with some of their AT&T customers. Annoyed, yet relieved that our website was still getting orders and that you all could still access it, I thanked him and asked for a time frame for resolution. And he gave me a vague, "Hopefully as soon as possible - if you can go to someone else's place with an internet provider other than AT&T, you should be fine." Well, that didn't happen and here I am now sending you what I thought would be a quick update. Just wanted you all to be in the loop. I am off for Craftcation in a couple hours - last year was so fun, and I have no doubt this year will be as well. I'll be instagramming (@amytangerine) and using #craftcation as the hashtag. craftcationLast year the pups came along, but this time it's just me and mommy! No doubt they will be missed...DSC_1163Here's a little write up on Unanimous Craft. And a speaker spotlight from Craftcation.