WC vs. EC || Sparkly skirt edition

It's been a little while since KP and I have done one of these posts, and technically she's moved from the east coast to the midwest, but here we go regardless. Last year during CHA, KP sported a fun sparkly skirt. She was the first one I thought of when I decided to wear mine at CHA this year. I didn't think to have any head to toe photos taken at the show, so I had Cindy snap a couple in front of the hotel room door after a long day.  melissawingsAs you already know, I love these shoes. They really are comfy and they smell so good (all Melissa shoes do, in fact.) Anyway, back to what KP and I decided to blog about, which is this sparkly skirt by xhilaration from Target. It was in the Juniors section, so it's an XL, but I don't care about the label one bit (and the fact that I may be at least a decade too old to wear it). American Apparel V-Neck summer shirt (sadly discontinued) || skirt from Target || cardigan by Charlotte Tarantola || leggings by Spanx || shoes by Melissa || bracelet by Belted Wrist

Hope your Monday is bright!