the perfect excuse to have ice cream

Brentwood, Ca | Amy Tangerinephotos by Ann-Marie MorrisYesterday I had a meeting to give a client the album she commissioned for her parents' wedding. Instead of having me drive up to meet at her house, we found a mid-way point. I suggested Brentwood Country Mart - specifically Sweet Rose so I could get a scoop of their unbelievable Salted Caramel ice cream. Seriously people, it's one of the best things I have ever had. And I don't allow myself to get a pint to bring home because that would just be dangerous. And because it wouldn't have that special sea salt they sprinkle on top of every scoop if you want it. So while I was enjoying my single scoop of heaven ice cream at 5:30pm (yes, dessert before dinner), she flipped through the album.marj&haroldThe caption below this reveals their last name and details of the wedding. It's really cute because it was actually in Marjorie's parents living room during half-time of a big college football game. How sweet! Not only was it an honor seeing and working with the old photos (all enlargements - mostly 8X10), but it was a pleasure seeing her reaction to the completed album. It was on her to-do list since 2010 and probably on her mother's for over 40 years.