Climbed on the vine

Heard it through the grapevine (actually I really saw it on Instagram) and jumped on the bandwagon by signing up for the Vine app. vineWho knew a 6 second clip could be so much fun to shoot and share? I especially love seeing friends' cute babies and puppies in action. Here are a few of the clips I've posted already.First post on Vine Day at the American Crafts office My friend came over with her kids and husband to the hotel pool. I think they had fun. Lunch 2 days ago in Utah Are you on Vine? How are you liking it so far? I'll probably continue to post random travel, food and everyday adventures if you care to follow - Amy Tangerine.

And for you Southern California locals, friends Emily Falconbridge and Tara Whitney are doing an awesome event Saturday, Feb 2 (tomorrow!) - be sure to RSVP here.emandtara