WC vs. EC || Holiday Party Edition

This year I was really excited to get dressed up for the holidays. Fortunately there was JC's company party, so I had an excuse to wear my favorite Melissa shoes. Unfortunately, I did not get a good photo of my outfit all night. JC tried as we left, but it was much too dark. So the outfit post is without my fabulous shoes, however I did find a photo of them on the internet (though it was difficult!). melissawingsSurprisingly they are comfy and they smell divine (all Melissa shoes do, in fact.) My obsession started when I was in Brazil and bought 2 pairs one night and then as soon as I landed in the next city, I hunted down 2 additional pairs. And now I regret buying more pairs (obsessed, I tell you.)

Anyway, back to what KP and I decided to blog about, which is what we wore to a holiday party. I took this after we got home and I kicked off my shoes. The lighting in the bedroom isn't great, and our place isn't exactly large enough for a full length shot.dress2Dress by Knitted Dove purchased at a sample sale in LA, other cute styles are at ModCloth || bracelet by Belted Wrist || Essie nailpolish in Chinchilly

And if Buster was invited to a fancy holiday party, I am pretty sure he would wear this upcycled bowtie collar from Papaya Pascal.busterbowtieAnd we would have totally matched.