totally obsessed with...

  • this stamp from Ann-Marie Morris AND...
  • kale salad from Whole Foods
  • Kombucha - Cosmic Cranberry is the only one I like the taste of. Usually I drink only half a bottle each day. It's supposed to have tons of good-for-you stuff in it.
  • the TimeHop app. As Kelly Purkey mentions here, every once in a while, I email her really fun status updates from a year or 2 ago. It's another way of saying that I miss her. And a really great app for reminiscing and making me want to put something out there every single day. Just so I can get a notification a year from now telling me what I was saying/doing/tweeting.
  • being home.
  • wearing my rainboots (although after 3 days in a row, I am a bit over it).
  • making stuff.
  • planning projects with creative friends.
  • maintaining a clean desk.
  • this quote:
  • putting that quote into action. Watch out, bigger dreams are in the making. I ain't afraid.
  • the Ellen Show segment, Clumsy Thumbsy. How have I not heard of this before? Oh yeah, I am usually working during the day. Thankfully Cindy DVR'ed an episode and I was in hysterics and in tears laughing at this one.

How would you fill in that blank? What are you currently obsessed with?