A simple wedding card

Usually the day before leaving on a 6am flight, I come up with all kinds of ideas and find the uncontrollable urge to make something. This used to happen the night before, but apparently I have become a bit wiser with age, giving myself a few more hours to pull something together. I realized that I hadn't gotten Abby & Thomas a card yet, so I took out my Hey There stamp set, a blank card, a tag, washi tapes, some alphas from Typo, and whipped this up. As for the wedding - it was wonderful, except I hardly took any photos. The church ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was on a rooftop with a gorgeous view. It's always fun seeing friends from college. Especially your cool friend Thomas - the world traveler who always has insider information on all the best places to stay and ways to get upgraded- ready to settle down (a bit) and so happy. There's something so fun about going back to Atlanta when everyone can get together for such a special celebration. You may have already seen some of these on Instagram. And yes, Abby and Thomas are the friends who arrived to their wedding reception via helicopter. They are the coolest.