Fall Love List

Supply List - all Studio CalicoThanks for all your wonderful comments about my big adventure. Happy to report that Brazil has been wonderful so far. Ironically, it is actually the start of summer here. It is hot and I have already gotten more than my fair share of mosquito bites. Other than the itchiness and the inability to upload Instagram photos, the trip has been absolutely wonderful. Silly how something like that can throw off my little routine of connecting and sharing. Anyway, a focus back on the positive and more things making the Fall Love List.

-Learning Portuguese words. Slowly, but surely. Bonita.

-Trying not to scratch mosquito bites and then doing the pinching with the fingernail technique which only lasts about 20 seconds. Wait, I don´t love this at all.

-These [email protected]! alphabet stickers. They are the perfect size and come in the best colors. You will be seeing plenty of these on my projects.

-The new look of Two Peas in a Bucket. So fresh and so clean.

What´s on your love list lately?