Sunday at home sweet home

Per usual, when we are home on Sundays, we pick up the New York Times. And recently we upgraded our cable and got the sports package so we have NFL Red Zone. WOW. It's all at once confusing and perfect.Because we had coffee at home, I took a run to the beach and stopped at Main Street News Stand to pick up the paper. I checked out the magazines while catching my breath and look what I found!Donna Downey hanging out next to Rosario Dawson! When I got back, I cooked my first meal in over 2 months. And of course I had to instagram it.Then after a visit to see my grandma at the hospital, where she is breathing on her own (yay) but was sleeping away, I came home to this.We took a long walk and just spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy. I read this NY Times article about the origin of the trampoline, and had to google the image they were referring to. it totally made my day even sweeter.