Learning to Share

Not too much time to blog, but wanted to check in really quickly. In deadline mode, which means no distractions besides Instagram (hey - it's quick and easy) for the next couple days. I posted a pic using Mister Huey's (open it up and dip your paintbrush into it) to paint white foam Thickers. And today I got multiple happy packages - one of them being the Fiskars Fuse, which is something so easy to use, Mommy has been playing with it for the past hour. In between wrapping up projects for my book and making hospital runs to visit Ahpo, I am just trying to remain focused on what's most important. Prioritizing is something that I constantly work on and has a way of testing my balancing skills often. Grateful that the creative energy is currently up, (please stay this way!) and I need to take advantage of it.

This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with some extremely talented ladies on The Paper Clipping Roundtable's episode 31. We chatted about various things, including the importance of documenting what is happening right now. Hope you'll have a listen while getting crafty!