Australia wrap up

As I attempted to put this post together on multiple occasions, I kept leaving it unfinished. Not because I didn't have enough to say, but I really had too much. Just to give you all some background from their website: Spotlight is a privately owned and operated Australian family business. Our business has grown from two brothers helping their parents run a dress fabric stall at Queen Victoria market during the 1970s, to stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, employing more than 6,700 team members. 17 store visits barely scratches the surface of the 115 Spotlight stores carrying the Amy Tangerine range (that's what they call a collection or line), but man was it cool seeing the product on the end caps. Though a whirlwind, with 2 store visits on most days, and squeezing in Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Auckland all in a matter of 11 days, the trip was FULL of goodness. I am ever so grateful to American Crafts and Spotlight for making the tour happen. And to all the folks who were able to come out and say hello, do a make and take and spend some time chatting with me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot really express how wonderful it was to meet so many talented folks in person. THANK YOU! It was truly an unforgettable trip. Good thing there were more than a few willing photographers who used my camera and took plenty of photos!These are just some of the photos from Melbourne (there's another post here) and Sydney. I love that some brought their actual projects using the Amy Tangerine products. And afterwards, they also blogged about it. It was fun reading this post from Natalie and this post from Kellie Winnell. And I hope to post the other photos as well as the ones from New Zealand soon. Thanks again everyone!