Update from Australia

With less than ideal wi-fi, I am having a bit of trouble getting some work on the computer done. Probably should have expected that, but I didn't. Most of the days are spent in the car, in-store appearances and eating in between. When I get back at night, I try and accomplish a few things. Unfortunately it's tough when technology doesn't cooperate. Nonetheless, I am still having a grand time here. It's been nonstop, but in the past couple days we have made some time for a bit of fun. After arriving in the Gold Coast this morning, I got to go to a sanctuary and not only cuddle a koala, but also feed a kangaroo!

20120829-230440.jpgNeed to quickly hit publish before this post vanishes. Although I would like to mention all the accommodations have been great except for the hotel inn I am in this evening. Between trying to ignore the coughing next door to trying to remain still so I don't get scratches from the itchy sheets, I am going to try and get some rest. Just grateful it is only for one night. Will try and focus on the amazing day and dream of baby koalas and kangaroos instead!