Pinch Me

Since my teenage years, on a regular basis, when I show my ID that reads Amy Tan, I have been asked, "Are you the author?". Responding with a smile, I always tell them no, and that I have no idea whether we're related or not (that's usually their follow up question). Although I doubt the writer of The Joy Luck Club ever gets told that there's a designer and scrapbooker with the same name, now I can answer in a different way because.... I'm coming out with a book! It's something I have dreamt of for a long time, and now it's really going to happen. I've been working hard to not only keep it a secret but to also put together amazing projects. And in January 2013, you'll be able to get your hands on it. If you'd like you can pre-order a copy.

So excited about this new and exciting adventure. Thanks for letting me share my joy. If you all have ideas on what you'd like to see in this book by me (and not the other Amy Tan - ha!), do let me know in the comments!