Hi from the sky

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts. The last one is from Feb 2011. Drinking: Coffee. Black. Not that great since it's on a plane. This was after my lunch, with that I drank ginger ale.Eating: Philly Cheesesteak. Did you know that I actually like airplane food? Yes, I am weird. Listening: Call Me Maybe - it's on Delta's Hot Hits channel and I occasionally stop myself from singing along and dancing in my seat after I remember I am surrounded by strangers. Wearing: Dress from Target, Hi-Line tee shirt cardigan, flats Feeling: A bit sad to leave Ahpo while she is in the hospital (thanks to all who wished her well on Instagram!) Weather: My neighbor put the window shade down so I don't really know. Wanting: To ask a certain celebrity on this flight for a photo with them when we get off the plane. Doubt I will summon the courage though. Needing: To get everything ready for a BIG project coming up. Wishing: Ahpo a speedy recovery so she can go home. Thinking: About efficiency, streamlining, and other business-y terms. And that I should work up a new blog post about creating on-the-go. Enjoying: Pre-Check, GoGo InFlight and traveling light. Wondering: How all of this craziness is going to play out in the next few months. Loving: The idea of this new class from Studio Calico, Pop Off The Page. And having a power outlet on this flight.

PS- Been getting a lot of questions on Instagram about these little scissors that I take with me on most of my travels. They have a rounded tip and are allowed on most planes (supposedly anything under a 4-inch blade is permitted, but I don't want to risk getting my Cutterbees taken up). In the United States I haven't gotten the scissors taken away. However, the little scissors made it all the way to China and they got taken up on my way back to the States. Last December, the little scissors made it to Japan and Thailand, but when I was flying from Bangkok to Phuket, they were taken. So it varies, but I love having them and am not too upset when they get revoked. You can get them in this kit at Two Peas and in these travel kits. I promise I wasn't disobeying any rules when I brought these on board. Okay, back to crafting on my tray table before this plane lands in Minneapolis, on my way to Madison, Wisconsin.