Renegade wrap up

Last Saturday after flying back from Salt Lake City, I dropped off Buster and picked up Mommy and we headed downtown to Renegade Craft Fair. We found an awesome parking space and headed straight to one of my favorite places ever, the photo boothThen we enjoyed walking around for just over an hour (it was sunny and getting quite crowded and hot). There was so much creative fun stuff to be seen and sadly I only took a few photos with my regular camera.You may have seen some of these if you follow me (amytangerine) or Mommy (chiaotan) on Instagram, but they are too cute not to post again.One of the highlights for me was seeing Pam Garrison and her lovely booth. She has these amazing new acrylic stamp sets that I hope she makes available on her etsy soon. Here is a snapshot of some of the stuff I brought home.If you saw the whole stash, you might think I have a buying-too-much problem. My affinity for supporting handmade, small businesses and local artists just can't be tamed. Hoping my handmade wallet understands.