Take a hike.

Hiking tops my list of favorite things to do in LA. It's fun, great exercise, and it doesn't cost a thing. The closest trail is just a 5 minute drive up PCH. My cousin Cindy finished her first year of PT school at USC (YAY Cindy!) and has a couple weeks of freedom before starting a 6 week clinical in Pennsylvania. We took advantage of her free time and worked June gloom to our advantage by taking the pups for a weekday hike in Temescal Canyon. My BFF and I used to do this on Tuesday mornings and we called it TT. Since she's moved to Ventura (insert sad face here), I've only been on the hike on weekends. It was so nice heading out in the morning before work and hitting the trail. The 4 of us did 3 miles in just over an hour. The typical 4 mile hike that we do on weekends doesn't allow dogs, but this one does. And the views are quite breathtaking, even in the midst of the marine layer that June gloom brings. Luckily it lifted and on Saturday JC and I did the 4 mile loop and were graced with this view. Not too shabby, eh? It's a great form of exercise and on a clear day you can see Downtown LA, Palos Verdes and even Catalina Island. So next time someone tells you to take a hike, you know where to go! Just bring your water bottle and $7 if you want to park in the lot & contribute the much needed money to our Parks & Rec Department. Pretty confident this post would get approval from Leslie Knope. || Photos edited in Snapster (thanks for sharing this with me Ann-Marie) and posted on Instagram.