new fashion series

KP came up with a fun little fashion series that we're going to be featuring on our blogs monthly, maybe more. Today's edition is what I would wear to brunch.Being on the west coast, it's not uncommon to show up to brunch in Lululemons after an early morning hike. However, more often that not, I slip on a summery dress and walk down the street ready to dine in the sunshine. Though it's just blocks to the beach, sometimes it isn't as warm as I expect. I like to layer in case it gets breezy. The dress is the newest item and can be found at Target stores (sorry couldn't find it online). Mike & Chris items are a bit on the pricey side, but I purchased this hoodie at a sample sale several years ago and have worn it more than enough to justify the amount I paid. This is a blanket statement about all their pieces, really. I'm all about cost per wear and mixing up designer and cheap chic - that's me representing the west coast.. Be sure to check out KP's east coast post here. Where are you and how do you dress for brunch?