Idea Books

Got my print copy of Everyday Storyteller in the mail and just had to share my excitement in this short video.

With 33 inspiring contributions from across the scrapbooking industry, Everyday Storyteller is an essential resource for the modern memory keeper. Hope you check it out! Visually appealing books have long lived on my bookshelf. Excited to be a part of this and to add it to my growing collection. Here are some other books I am loving lately. (Click on the photos for more information.) Patiently awaiting this to arrive tomorrow... Last night I read Flora Bowley's book before going to sleep and I had the most vivid and colorful dreams. The only drawback to reading such a vibrant book in bed is that instead of closing my eyes, I wanted to go splatter some paint on a huge canvas in my sprawling studio. Umm, wait - I don't have one of those. Going to set aside some time for daydreaming and playing with paint today. Also, look what just went on sale at Two Peas today - Lisa's Divide & Conquer for just $12. Thinking I'll be adding confetti to my paint! What's inspiring your dreams lately - any books I need to be checking out?