Make and Takes X 2

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing make and takes at two wonderful events. The first was by the extraordinary Kim Caldwell. Her events are beyond amazing, and Affaire At Tiffany's was no exception. It took place at the Hotel Belamar in Manhattan Beach and I didn't take nearly enough photos. And yes, you are seeing it correctly. Every single one of the attendees received a Tiffany's bag with more than just a little blue box. The 2nd event was at Treasured Memories in Oak Park, CA. Christine, the owner, asked me a few months ago to be a part of their 15 year anniversary. Fifteen years! Not only does she have a fabulous store, her staff and customers (and their dogs) were all so delightful. In both places, ladies made little coupon books using American Crafts Cut Up trimmer, which has 3 blades built in, including a perforation blade. Thanks Kim & Christine for having me and American Crafts be a part of your fantastic events!