Behind the scenes: Sketchbook

While we were developing the Sketchbook collection at American Crafts last September, we spent days looking over inspiration, choosing a color palette, working playing with watercolors, drawing and sketching. It was one of the most refreshing processes for me - and I think the designers, Jennifer and Clairice (who has a fun new blog called Nifty Swank) who spend much of their days utilizing their talents in front of the computer would have to agree. The line came together incredibly organically. Though I may have taken more photos of the food and Buster on this trip, here are a few looks at our development process. Apparently it was really hard work for Buster, so every day he would go back to the hotel and relax.A big part of the development process is feeding not only our brains, but our stomachs too. We enjoyed some really good meals - including a lunch at Malawi's Pizza.And for dinner, Happy Sumo for sushi. Lots of sushi.