20120528-110257.jpg20120528-110125.jpgWe're in Pittsburgh enjoying the long weekend with JC's family. Summer has definitely arrived. Lots of grilling, relaxing, gardening, reading, cooking, and me trying to avoid getting anymore bug bites. We got here friday night and sat out on the back porch and I managed to get 15 18 bites. Fifteen Eighteen!! The bugs sure do love me, but I do not share the same affection. I am scratching more than I should and using up a lot of caladryl clear. We took JC's sister and brother to the batting cages and putt putt. I felt like I was in high school again. Jenny got a hole in one and we got ice cream afterwards. And JC and I found our dream home. 20120528-110405.jpg Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend avoiding bug bites, doing things you love and sharing good times with those you love.