TBS. very funny.

It was a definitely a mix of excitement and nerves when I got to Urbanic early one morning to shoot this Trends With Benefits segment. The entire crew was wonderful to work with, and they made the environment completely relaxing, even with all the lights and cameras and people running around my favorite stationery store. This segment will be on TBS today at 1:30pm during The Heartbreak Kid. Tangible personal expression is having a moment as a result of the digital backlash, and one thing’s for sure – this ain’t your grandma’s scrapbook! It’s more like a mixed-media storybook -- one that’s filled with magazine clippings, menus, photos, doodles and text; one that documents your interests in a modern and artistic way, and one that can even be used to live-capture a major life event. Welcome to Scrapbooking, 2.0 I have to say that one of the coolest parts of the shoot was while flipping through the minibooks and scrapbooks, there were ooh's and ahh's from some of the men on the crew. Even they were impressed (even if it was mildly) that documenting your memories could be done in a cool fashion. Thanks to everyone at Trends with Benefits and TBS for having me on the show! PS- Washi tape lovers, today is the last day to use the code: FreeTangerine for free shipping (anywhere in the world) at Freckled Fawn!