121 of 365

Delighted to report that photo-a-day for this year has been a success. It's astonishing to think that we are already through with one third of the year. Life moves fast, and I am grateful for technology for helping to capture the little (and big) things. With my iPhone and the free my365 app, staying on track has been pretty easy thus far. Honestly, I don't know that I would have kept it up without these 2 things. I've already shown you January and February (click on the photos to see the original blog posts). Isn't technology amazing? Another reason I am loving wordpress.Here is the tutorial on how I made the collage. As you can tell, these photos tell the story of my life. Dogs, food, paper, work, babies, more food, palm trees, selfies, and more food. Life is full. And apparently so is my belly. How about you? Doing any fun daily projects, and is technology helping you keep up?