tutorial: how to write on instagrams

Actually, I should probably rephrase the title. It should be "how I write on instagrams".

There are likely numerous ways of doing this, but since I get questions whenever I post one of these photos, I thought a little tutorial was in order. And because I only know of one way to do this using a free app, you're getting all this knowledge for one of my favorite 4-letter words: free.

I use my iPhone & iPad. First, I take my photos using the camera on my phone. (Although the iPad takes photos too, I find it a bit awkward.) Once the photo is to my liking, I crop it to a square.

Then I email the photo to myself. On the iPad, I open the email and save the photo to the camera roll. Then I open up Skitch, an absolutely wonderful free drawing app. Once I open up my desired photo in the app, here is what it looks like:

I select the writing utensil and choose my color (usually white). Then I use my finger (a stylus may work better) to doodle on the screen.

Once I get something I like, I save it to my camera roll using the icon to the right of the envelope.

While still on the iPad, I open Instagram. I choose to post a photo from my camera roll. Then I decide on a filter, or not, a caption, and finally whether to share on Twitter, Facebook or both. Perhaps there is an easier way to do this, but it really doesn't take too long. Plus it's rather fun to play around with.

Do you know any other easy ways to write on photos or other must-have (preferably free) fun drawing apps? Please share. And in case you missed the post on viewing Instagrams on the computer, check it out here. Don't you just love technology? Now to possibly figure out a way of easily turning my handwriting into a font.