Drinking: a fruit and vegetable smoothie that is a strange color, but tastes so good.
Eating: does the above count as a meal? yeah, it's breakfast.
Wearing: tee shirt, zip hoodie and lululemon pants.
Feeling: like I need to be super productive today.
Weather: gloomy and cool.
Wanting: to find out what's going on with my knees- have an appointment tomorrow.
Thinking: how cool it is to be a web time waster on yes and yes.
Wondering: if I should be documenting anything differently from Project Life for this Week in the Life.
Carrying: In My Bag (99% of the time it's by amykathryn): receipts, collected business cards, a cute tissue holder (which now that I think of it, needs refilling), sunnies, lip gloss, Miss Marisa Fragrance Oil, my iPhone and this:

blush 2 lotioncamera 4 washi tape 5 notebook & pen
Hoping: to get a lot of work done today and that you all have a great one!
(list of original currents from Tina)