clean desk & week 8

Week 8 brings in a super clean (for me) desk. It took hours to organize and it felt so good every step of the way. I even made 3 layouts from scraps as I was cleaning (bonus!). Looking ahead, the real test will be if I can maintain cleaning up after every single project. It's a challenge I am willing to take.

It may look like a mess to the right, but I need to have my favorite supplies readily available. If I don't see it, I am less likely to use it. The Jenni Bowlin Have A Treat boxis perfect for little bits and strips of papers that are new and just waiting to be pasted onto a project.

It was a week of lots of work, organizing, tree trimming and some filming down the street from our place in Venice. I used this wide striped washi tape, the bike from this pack of Bits, the LOVE is from a magazine ad for a hotel in Vegas, sweet sunshine is from this Dear Lizzy paper, the paper planes paper is from Kesi'Art, and the little yellow flower is My Little Shoebox. I stamped the weekend days with these Jenni Bowlin stamps and yellow ink.

Seriously I had no idea I would love Project Life this much. If you have an urge to begin, you don't have to wait until next year, or next month or next anything. I highly recommend just starting. Get a system that works for you and just go with it. Keep it simple, find what works and you don't even have to do it every week. I absolutely wish I had started sooner. It will be so fun to look back on years from now. I am also happy to report the weekly spreads no longer take me hours. I haven't timed it since I sort of throw things in throughout the week, but it certainly doesn't take more than 3 hours like it used to. Thank goodness. I just got this Big Variety Pack of page protectors and am looking forward to mixing in different layouts as I see fit. This tip from Ali Edwards truly resonated with me: KEEPING IT SIMPLE | No over-thinking. No making it more complicated than it needs to be. The beauty in this project is in the whole vs. any one particular week. Some weeks will have less and some will have more. Some will be full of fun stuff and others super boring. Fill up the pockets and move on to the next week vs. worrying that you missed the “perfect” story or photo or anything else. Make it work for you. More of Ali's insightful reflections here. You can see all my Project Life posts here.