Project Life Week 4

My enthusiasm is still going strong for this, much to my delight. I think the success of getting it done is due largely in part to the inspiration others are sharing through their pages. And because I am continuing to keep it simple.

Included in this busy week:
-dog toy packaging of rope bones that were shredded in under 10 minutes
-Chinese New Year goodies
-Cosmo Cricket clothesline paper to represent shopping this week
-a postcard from Ivy at the Shore, where I highly recommend the lobster ravioli
-an Instax from a shoot we did at Urbanic, which should air after in a few months
-Carolina's Italian restaurant near Anaheim, which was a total score - their cheesy bread is dangerously delicious
-Sugarfish chopstick wrapper - their "Trust Me" is a total winner for sushi lovers
-Bamboo's 6th birthday, which was celebrated a few days early when I took both the dogs to the dog park by myself for the first time ever.
Not included but happened:
-Lots of business talk with positive people
-I made a pinky promise with a man in a suit, because the idea was so fun, and a traditional hand shake just didn't cut it
-lots of other CHA stuff
Since the show started on Sunday, I will add some more photos to the following week. I thought about adding more pages for a whole section, but decided it would make the most sense to just let it flow over.

You may have noticed additional circular objects on the table. For those of you who are addicted to washi tape, next week there will be a giveaway you won't want to miss. Pinky promise.