(Photos taken with Camera+ on my iPhone and collaged in Diptic.)
Friday night JC surprised me with a little date at our local breakfast place. I had no idea what to expect (nor did he, really), but what we ended up having was an amazing 5 course meal. We brought 2 bottles of wine (we only finished 1 & half of the other - and I fit right into the neighborhood after dinner by walking down the street carrying an open bottle).

Flake turned into the Amna pop-up by chef Ari Taymor. We were greeted and immediately sat at a little table surrounded by tea lights and succulents. They opened our bottle of wine and it was poured into little juice glasses. Everything was delicious. Every single bite. The menu changes every week, and after we had our dessert we made a reservation for next weekend. Eater summed up the Amna pop-up really nicely here. If you/your friends are in or around Venice, I strongly recommend you check this little pop-up out. It's BYOB and your tummy will thank you.
And the winner of the wooden pendant from Love Lovely is:
MandyKay said...that.is.killer. they could make great gifts!
Congratulations MandyKay! Email me your mailing address and AesaLina will send your pendant. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!