is there such a thing as a clear blur?

Just wondering because the last week has been a total whirlwind, yet I remember so many details incredibly clearly. In any case, right now I am playing major catch up. And trying to catch my breath. I did want to let you all know that CHA was once again amazing. Thanks for all your kind words and excitement. The newest collection, Sketchbook, should be in stores at the end of March. Meanwhile, here are some write ups with great photos.


Scrapbook Update - Melissa Stinson

May Flaum

And sorry I am a day late posting the Fiskars scissors winners:
Rebecca said...
Always been a fan of Fiskars, but just became a fan on facebook! :) I love me a good pair of scissors! I'm loving your Project Life!!

April said...
Your Project Life is totally rocking Amy!
Very cool giveaway! I already like Fiskars on Facebook and something good would be...I scrapped today after a horribly UNcreative week! It was pretty awesome. ;) Thanks for the chance to win!
- April W

Fiskars microtips winners:
Jennifer said...
Love Fiskars! Something good: headed to San Diego in less than 6 hours. I'm ready for the SUN!

Tiffany said...
became a facebook fan of fiskars.
i am about to eat an organic apple and my current favorite peanut butter (honey roasted PB, grind it yourself, from whole foods) & watch my newest tv addiction (the firm). :)

Kindly email me your mailing address please - hello(at)
I got some questions about how the photo collage from the last post came to be, and I plan to do a little write up on that soon. Leaving you with a sweet thought before I tackle the to-do list and try to get the fog to lift.