washi tapes are my fave.

Instead of doing much of the work I should have been doing, I decided to organize some washi tape. Posted this photo on Instagram.

Some of my favorite places to order online:
ginko papers - fast and friendly
two peas in a bucket - great selection with different sizes and offers free shipping over $50
cute tape - big selection, great service
kimamaya - etsy store in Japan, very friendly
pretty tape - etsy store in TX

I really fell in love with these tapes years ago when people around blogland were talking about them. Once I saw them in a couple local stores, I was hooked. Although I love shopping online, there is something just so sweet about holding it in your hands and purchasing from a local independent shop. If you all make it to LA, I recommend shopping for these pretties at Urbanic, Tortoise and Kinokuniya

Here's the full photo, just for fun.

The containers are from a Japanese store in West LA on Sawtelle. Since we all can't seem to get enough of these, if you have favorite shops not mentioned above, please share. Or don't, as it would make JC and my pocketbook much happier if you didn't. Ok, now I really need to get some actual work done. Happy Wednesday!