seven on saturday

So far sticking with the Photo-A-Day 365 project has been going smoothly. I know, I know - it's just the first week, but this is still a small accomplishment for one who loves starting projects, but isn't as good at finishing. It is something I plan on staying on top of because I'm keeping it simple. Taking a picture of whatever tickles my fancy that day. Making it easy. Keeping it easy.

I'm taking the pics with my iPhone, uploading them to my365 (a free app with a calendar), flickr and tumblr. I may be going a bit overboard by uploading to 3 different places, but I am choosing to do it this way because with flickr, it's easy to make collages like this one with big huge labs.

And tumblr has a cool "launch mass post editor" button which displays all the photos by month. Will keep you all posted on how this project goes. I joined in the 1st class at Studio Calico taught by Nicole Samuels and it will help keep me on track. Are you all in on the 365 fun and do you have any tips for this first timer?