Project Life Week 2

Moving right along with this (which is slightly surprising), but I think it's mainly because I am still keeping it simple and really enjoying the collecting part. Once again it helps that there is just enough space on my desk so I can work on it.

Supplies: Cavallini Vintage Office stamps, our Love Struck stamp set and the U.S. map stamp by Purple Onion

-Paige blogged about our little wardrobe excursion to XCVI.
-It was a good mail week, and if you want the full "shiny and bright" card, let Urbanic know.
-So many folks are on board and making  inspiring pages simply by documenting the everyday. Becky Higgins, you are so clever and cute - thank you for developing this system.

My outlook on this project is in this post, where you can also see Week 1.
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