a fabric project

My mom will tell you that I wait until the last minute to do things, and well, she does know best. There are plenty of projects that, for some reason, come together right before I need them to. This iPad sleeve is a perfect example. I gave my Zagg keyboard to JC since he got himself an iPad a few days before, and he gets much more use out of it. The day I was scheduled to leave for Thailand (Dec 24), I decided that I needed a sleeve for my iPad. Determined to finish it during crunch time when there were other things on the to-do list, I managed to finish it using some supplies I had laying around. Since I was in a major hurry, the thought of taking step-by-step photos crossed my mind, but didn't happen.

The basics: I used Falling For You fabric paper, felt, vintage lace and sewing machine. I measured (without a ruler) the felt and fabric paper, allowing about 1/2 inch seam allowance on 3 sides. Because the fabric paper is a bit thick, I removed the fabric from the adhesive backing. I sewed it with the felt, turned it inside out and added the lace. It worked out great for the trip but my apologies, not so great for a tutorial. Been pretty busy with projects I can't share quite yet (I know, I hate that part too), but am very excited about and will share soon. What have you been making lately?