over it.

Last Sunday I was in Lima feeling awful after what I think was food poisoning. It took well over 3 days to recover, which was just enough time to get nailed with what I thought was an allergy attack stirred up by the high winds (hey, I'm not a doctor, I was just hoping it was allergies). My symptoms were bad, but not bad enough from changing my trip to teach in Reno. So I flew up there on Friday night and came back last night. Though I am feeling better, I cannot wait to be 100%. This coughing, sneezing and wheezing is getting really old. Thanks for all the well wishes and notes, those have definitely helped lift my spirits. The only benefit to all this feeling bad is that it's forcing me to take it easy. It's not something I'm usually good at, but these 2 pups are doing their best to help the cause.

Hope to be back to feeling healthy soon. If you have any secret tips, besides the usual- get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, please share.

And thanks to Design Editor for featuring my little watercolor craziness. As soon as I feel better, this is the plan: