khob-kun ขอบคุณ

This post was written on December 24 and the edits made on Dec 25 are in italics.

By the time this posts, I will have already flown for nearly 18 hours to get to Bangkok. I flew out on Christmas Eve at 9:00pm and arrived in Thailand the morning of the 26th, essentially missing all of Christmas. And somehow it's all okay. Our flight was delayed by 2 and half hours and we were on board at 11:30pm. We pulled out of the gate just after midnight, only to return after about 30 minutes. There was a problem with one of the engines. They did their best to keep us posted, but at 3:30am, they informed us that the flight would have to be canceled. We were shuttled to a hotel at 5:00am and after sleeping for an hour and half, we were up again resuming our travels. All in all we are in wonderful spirits and have enjoyed quite the adventure! I will be in Thailand until the 1st of January on a client assignment that I am really excited about. I feel truly blessed to have had a wonderful year, and have to thank you blog readers for being such a big part of it. Your support, kind words and enthusiasm mean so much. It will likely be quiet around here until next year, so until then, a BIG HUGE THANK YOU (khob-kun ขอบคุณ in Thai) and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2012!