simple things

See how this page came together in this post.
Also thankful for:
-All of you wonderful blog readers and friends. Yes you. And you.
-Surviving what may have been food poisoning in Lima. The food was wonderful, I think something just didn't quite like me. The bright side is that I had a super lazy Sunday just lounging in the hotel room.
-Heavenly beds. In fact a king sized version is on my wishlist as soon as we move into a bigger place.
-Apple products and learning my iPhone can do wireless internet overseas without charging me. Not sure why that revelation didn't occur to me sooner, especially since I have used it with gogo before in flight.
-The internet for keeping me entertained for hours and hours.
-Learning the art of patience. Seeing as I get bored pretty easily, it's nice to be able to just chill out once in a while.
-this book-which is a fairly quick entertaining read-An Object of Beauty