Scrapbook Territory

Last Friday I hopped on a plane to Oakland for the first time. The flight time was just an hour, and the scenery was lovely. Aside from the window on this small plane being slightly lower than normal, and the slightly nervous feeling in my stomach when landing near water, the flight was fine.

At OAK they had a gallery of Polaroids, which instantly made me think this was one of the coolest airports ever. I was picked up by sweet Nikki and her dog and we headed (in Friday evening traffic) to Berkeley. She drove me down the well-known shopping mecca, Fourth Street. At the end of the block was our destination. Scrapbook Territory is probably the biggest scrapbooking store I have ever set foot in. Aside from being a huge, incredibly well-stocked (with the latest and greatest) store, the people (and dogs) there are just the best. Diane, the owner, took us to an epic dinner at The Fat Lady. Turns out Diane and I totally have the same affliction for food. We shared 2 appetizers and ordered the same delicious chef special. With the best of intentions to go back to the store and crop, my belly was much too full, and I went back to the hotel and crashed. That was Friday, this was Saturday...

How amazing is that ribbon wall? Next time I plan on heading up to Berkeley with one of the pups, as it is quite the dog friendly place. THANK YOU so much to everyone who came out to make this such an incredible day. Once again I am humbled by the kindness in this industry and feel blessed to have had people who drove in from 90 and 117 miles away. Amazing.

If you can't make it to an in-store event, my self-paced class, Get Those Creative Juices Flowing is always available at Big Picture Classes. I am also teaching with a group of talented ladies for 12 Days of Christmas. It's a great way we can all join in on the fun together. Today I'm joining in on Dear Lizzy's challenge and hope you all have an epic 11.11.11!