craft beach retreat wrap up

With the hostess, Rachel Kaufman, who put together this lovely event.

Super clever discovery - chalk inks can change the color of the lovely Straw Thickers. I've used acrylic paint, but this is cleaner. If you try it, you may want to add a spray fixative on it to make sure the color doesn't rub off.

These 2 ladies were also at Spark! So fun to see familiar faces (who let you sit on their laps for a photo) who love traveling around to creative events.

The clouds didn't deter us from having a crafty ball at the Annenberg Community Beach House. Everyone enjoyed an amazing view out the window (see 1st photo) and their mini books all turned out so special and unique. Though the nature of my classes is typically a bit more light-hearted, Craft Beach Retreat opened up a freeing way to dig deeper to identify the 9 things that matter most in our lives. There were some teary eyes, but for the most part the class was filled with laughter, insights, inspiration, American Crafts goodies, Tim Holtz Adirondack alcohol inks and washi tape. A crafty one right by the beach, what a perfect kind of retreat.