an attempt at Project Life

Many times I have the best of intentions to start something. I see pretty projects all over my google reader and think, hey- I wanna do that! So that's what I do. Starting is not usually the problem. The enthusiasm and excitement I feel when I begin something like this is a little off the charts. However, for some reason (I think it has to do with life in general/work/taking on too many projects/making excuses) I have only seen a couple of these all the way through. Both have been projects from Ali Edwards - Week in the Life 2010 and December Daily 2010. I kept both of them pretty simple and allowed myself to just get the memories recorded. Feeling great pleasure from finishing both these projects last year, I really wanted to do something big this year. I was kicking myself for not starting Project Life at the beginning of 2011 after I started spotting all the amazing pages on various blogs. Since it's something anyone can start at anytime, I decided to begin on October 5th, the beginning of the 33rd year of my life.

Snapshots that didn't make it in (see the dolphins in the second one?)...

So the actual putting together of the pages of Project Life took me hours to do. Hours people! Hopeful that it will take less time as I get going. As a newbie who really wants to see this project from start to finish, I think it will help to study up on these amazing tips from Lisa, Liz and Jenni and read through this article from 

This binder will also help keep everything together. It arrived yesterday, now just waiting on the core kit & additional pocket pages. Are you loving Project Life? If you have any other useful tips or links, would love to hear them.