oh mini you're so fine

You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey mini!

When American Crafts and I first collaborated, this mini book was secretly one of the items I really, really wanted to have in the line. (Okay, maybe it wasn't such a big secret, since I kept pushing for it.) Because it was a new product we were introducing, there was a risk of it not actually being made. The quality and production schedule needed to work, along with the very important task of making it available at a reasonable price point. And then all the hard work, combined with some wishing and hoping, harmoniously mixed with the resourcefulness of American Crafts... it all worked out! And not only did it sell well, but the first production order sold out. Fortunately the reorder has come in and is shipping to stores now.

So thank you all for embracing this mini book dream come true. Take a look at how some of the Studio Calico design team members added their own amazing touches for various themes. It blows my mind how creative people are and how the same mini can be transformed in so many unique ways.

by lisa





You can take a more detailed look at each one by clicking on the respective names.
Here's a video showing how to peel off the protective sheet that is behind the transparency. Some tips on how to remove the sticker residue include using a q-tip with nail polish remover, or just using a piece of scotch tape to repeatedly unstick the residue.

Any other fine pieces of work out there? Do share! Please link directly to your post containing the mini book, and not just to your blog, thanks!