32 while 32.

1. Hiked a volcano in Guatemala. In Converse All-Stars.2. Visited Portland, OR for the first time. 3. Scrapbooked 30 gigs ranging from Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Soccer parties & Weddings. 4. Went to Mexico for the first time. And went zip-lining for the first time.

5. Took jumping photos at a 15th birthday party at LACMA. Then went back to the house to show the girls how to make their own reverse applique tee shirts. 6. Purchased an iPod Touch and an iPad2. 7. Launched a signature scrapbooking line with American Crafts. 8. My parents met JC's parents and siblings. 9. Cooked more meals than I've ever cooked. 10. Made it through the entire 90 minutes of Hot Yoga for the first time. 11. Fell in love with kale chips. 12. Realized my 85 year-old grandma is one of the strongest women I know. 13. Started watching Breaking Bad and quickly became obsessed with it. We finished Seasons 1-3 within a couple months. 14. Hand delivered an order of shirts to a store in Hawaii. 15. Organized a staff of 18 to work the arts & crafts stations at the most epic joint 50th birthday party ever. 16. Volunteered at Foster's Mother's Day with Johanna for the second year in a row. 17. Gained 3 pounds, and now weigh more than I have ever weighed. 18. Visited Washington DC for the first time. 19. Made the switch from PC to Mac. Never looking back. 20. Did a couple sales with Zulily. 21. Taught a workshop on a private blog that turned into a self-paced class at Big Picture Classes called, Get Those Creative Juices Flowing. 22. Held babies: Lily, Fox, Katelyn, Starling 23. Confused my grandma while skyping with JC. She kept asking, "When did you take that picture of me?"

24. Signed up for a half-marathon & haven't been training nearly as much as I should. 25. Shot a stop motion video. 26. Made a manicure last for 7 days without chipping. 27. Visited the Mall of America and the Jersey Shore for the first time. 28. Felt overwhelmingly proud of my cousin, Cindy, for getting accepted to the #1 PT school. 29. Had my website re-done, at last. 30. Saw some of our stickers at Paper Source.

31. Worked on some amazing creative collaborations. 32. Realized that life just keeps getting better. Also I don't think I've ever felt this much love from near and far. Thank you. Thank you.

I also found out this super interesting fact about how October 5th is the most common birthday in America.

Hello 33! I am looking forward sharing many more happy adventures with you.