Lately life has been non-stop. Sometimes I feel like screaming with joy and throwing a big party, and other times I feel like screaming profanities and throwing things against the wall. Luckily as a Libra, I constantly strive to strike a balance and just end up right in the middle of it all, just going with the flow. Life is moving fast these days and often I wish there was a way to hit the pause button. Between the tee shirt orders and the scrapbooking line making its' way around the world, I am feeling so humbled and blessed and a bit overwhelmed in the most wonderful way. (Thank you!)

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Here are some random moments captured in photos of life lately:

Since there is no actual way of freezing time (although photo taking and blogging come pretty darn close), we may as well live the moment. Even if life is whisking you right from one moment to the next. For me, that next moment was unpacking from a quick 2 day trip to Ojai, squeezing in meetings and a few hours in the office before getting packed up for Scrapfest. My project is the one in the lower middle section:

It will be my first time setting foot outside of MSP, first time visiting the Mall of America (a childhood dream finally coming true) and my first time teaching the same class to 3 different groups of students on 3 different days. So excited, hope to see plenty of familiar faces and meet a bunch of new creative folks! No doubt the trip will fly by, so per usual, I'll just be trying to savor each moment as it comes.