planes trains and automobiles

We're done with our lovely vacation and headed back to LA today.
Someone was nice enough to get this group shot of all of us & I got JC's youngest brother to do a jumping photo.

Today went like this: Woke at 6:45am, got coffees & bagel sandwiches and were on the road by 7:30am. Returned the rental car (Ford Flex!) to the mall (weird, I know) in Jersey City at 10:15am.
Tried to get on the wrong train and then finally got on the right one. And this is where I lose track of the time because we were on 3 trains before arriving to JFK at 1:00pm. JC and I parted ways as he prefers to fly American Airlines and I prefer Delta. It is now 5:00pm and I have been in the Sky Club all afternoon (a fantastic investment of $25 considering I get free internet, snacks, drinks and a comfy, quiet place to sit & charge all my devices.) At 7pm I will be embarking on the "planes" portion of this travel day. Happy Saturday!