Paper Tales

Had another fabulous group of Southern California ladies in my class at Paper Tales last weekend.

JC and I drove down to San Diego on Friday. We had planned on having Mommy, Cindy, and her parents drive down on Saturday morning with all the class kits and supplies. Cindy and her parents were going to explore while Mommy helped with the class. But on Friday afternoon my grandma, Ahpo, wasn't feeling well. Saturday morning she complained of a headache and said her dialysis graft wasn't working. Mommy called the doctor and they suggested trying to take her to the dialysis center to see if they could figure out what was going on. It was already 9:00am at this point, so Plan B was devised and Cindy was going to drop the family off at the dialysis center in Santa Monica, go home and pack a bag, and drive down to San Diego. Fortunately, ahpo was ok and didn't feel bad enough to go to the emergency room, and Cindy made it just in time for class set up. And she found this cute ring as soon as she walked into the store!

We were a bit over capacity (thankful I had those extra kits... internet folks - sorry they are all gone!). The class was held at the cute coffee shop next door.

Though I had to give up my a few of my favorite film canisters (Breaking Bad Season 3), it was totally worth it seeing the smiles on everyone's faces.

Huge thanks to everyone who came (including special guest, Kelly Marie of Lawn Fawn!) & of course, to Michelle for being an absolutely wonderful hostess! Looking forward to another class at Paper Tales before the end of the year!

And if you all are interested in taking a class with me but aren't in Southern CA, please feel free to place a request with your local scrapbook store. You can also check out my 4 week workshop at Big Picture Classes entitled, The Good Life. There are tons of tutorials and videos including one that shows how this all came together.

Class begins in just over 3 weeks.. hope you'll join in on the fun!