Week in the Life : Tuesday

Super sweet Stephanie Howell posted a giveaway for some Amy Tangerine & American Crafts goodies on her blog!

Weather: Sunny, 69 degrees in the morning, high of 83. Woke up at 6:15 with a headache, but thankfully it was gone within an hour. JC walked Buster and then we drove him to LAX for his 8am flight to NYC. Buster was so excited to get to the house, he barely let me get the bags from the back seat. Since no one's been at the house for over a week, there was a lot of mail waiting, and I spent about 10 minutes sorting through all of it. Cindy's books for grad school arrived from Amazon. I found the Instax mini box with all the instructions and put an additional pack of film in for my trade for the 210. I got the 210 film I ordered from Amazon, camera should be here Thursday. Ate Cheerios out of the box because there's no milk. Felt like a little kid. News headlines on NY Times: Debt Drama Blocks Out Big Picture on Credit, Norway Gunman Used Drugs, Though He was a 'Warrior,' His Lawyer Says. In Shift, Britain Says Qaddafi Could Remain in Libya. Had lots of work to get done before leaving for downtown errands. But I decided to make kale chips first and then I worked while they were baking. Oops, I burnt an entire tray, but it didn't stop me from eating most of them. Scrapfest classes went on sale this morning and within 5 hours, there was only 1 spot left. Got fabric, templates and Buster and headed out the door. 11:05 left the house and cruised down to American Apparel. 3 orders were waiting for us to be picked up. Buster got some love from a cute girl who said she has a chihuahua. As I drove past Jack in the Box, I couldn't resist the urge to drive thru. I picked up a Jr. bacon cheeseburger and 3 stuffed jalapenos. I ate nearly all of it on the way to the laser cutter. I walked in with my sheet of paper and fabric and explained what I needed. He asked for my phone number and said it would be done in a week. Then Buster and I got stuck in traffic on the 10 West and finally got home at 12:25pm. Coke was calling my name and I ended up drinking the whole can. It hit the spot. So did knowing the Scrapfest class was sold out. Yay. I made some fun little samples, talked to Richard from American Crafts and then at 4:00pm, took Buster out for a walk. When we returned I realized I was late for the Honda appt. I put the iPad in my purse and we left for Airport Marina Honda and arrived there at 4:45. After lots of negotiation and deciding I could live with a non-silver car (the new one is light blue). Finally at 7:15, we drove off the lot in our new 2011 CR-V. My craving for Del Taco took over and I got the usual: 2 chicken soft tacos and 1 bean & cheese burrito, easy beans, both sauces. I finished half of it in the car and ate the rest when I got home. Had just put a Biore nose strip on when Buster looked at me and wanted to go for a walk. I made him wait 10 minutes and then took him for a slow walk where all he did was pee. And now I am just waiting for mommy & ahpo's (and bamboo's) flight to land and we'll go scoop them from the airport. Hopefully it won't be too much past midnight. I'm tired already and it's only 9:20. Decided to lay down in my old room (which is now Cindy's room) and get a little cuddle time with Buster.